It’s in the Details

How to prepare for your Session

The 101 of preparing your Session.

A Family sessions is a 45-60 min session that includes a collection of posed and candid images of your family.


To get started:

  • Pick a location that best fits the style of your family and the feel of your home. (These may end up on a wall or 2 in your house)
  • Schedule the day and time of your session with Mz.Weeks Photography. Check your calendar for availability. Along with your husbands calendar and the kids sports schedule. First see if your weekends or your weekdays will work best for your family. Keep in mind most summer sessions will be in the evening and most winter sessions will be in the late afternoon.
  • Book your session and pay the deposit to insure the date that works for you.

The Most Common Family Session Question

What should we wear!?!

My answer is simple.

  • Choose like colors. Do no try and match colors exact. This is not only very difficult but the family will look like a block of solid color. My suggestions are||Grey Tones: Light grey, dark grey, grey with a pattern, black maybe your accent color is blue or pink. ||Brown Tones: Dark Brown, cream, gold with an accent of green ect.|| Choose an accent color… this would be something that may be in moms dress our your sons shirt and then put your daughter in that color or add a jacket on someone that has that color in it.
  • Please do not wear any pinstripes. Most common in dads it does not photography well.
  • Remember accessories. Head to Toe. shoes, jewelry, hair bows ect,
  • Come polished: Nails, Hair, Make-up. Be who you are, but take the time to feel good about yourself. The outcome will be worth the efforts.

Family Sessions are not overwhelming or stressful! 

They don’t have to be! Here are some tips to help you stay in control of your family session.

  • Give yourself enough time to get ready! (this is for you mom!) If you look and feel great then your family will too.
  • Plan to be 10 min early to your session. Things happen and being late adds a unnecessary stress, there is no reason to start out your session that way.
  • Remember your kids will be kids and those always turn out to be the best pictures. The best family sessions are when every one is happy and having fun.
  • Do not expect a duplicated Pinterest picture. Expecting to be someone else, from somewhere else, with someone else’s family is unrealistic and will never happen. Jokes but in reality the best pictures of your family will be the pictures or your family being perfectly your family.

Included Grouping breakdowns

  • 2-3 poses of the Family
  • Pictures of kidos with mom
  • Pictures of kidos with dad
  • A Couples set of mom and dad
  • A siblings set of just the kids.


Take a deep breath! Everything is as it should be!

See you soon! 

MzWeeks Photography